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The Fight Of The Century And The Two Giants Who Provided It

As surely any boxing fan knows, it was on this day – 47 long years ago – when Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, the two greatest heavyweights of their era, met in the fabled “Fight of The Century.” This battle, an incredible 15 round war, actually lived up to the hype, to its billing. Ali of course, actually lost – for the first time in his pro career. But as much as this special night belonged to Joe, Ali’s legend only grew after the loss. 0 seconds of 0 secondsVolume 0% 00:00 02:44

Muhammad Ali vs. Joe Frazier: 'The Fight of the Century': a divided US  nation 50 years on | CNN

Now everyone knew how tough, how game, how courageous and full of heart the previously dismissed (by some) ‘pretty boy’ really was. While Frazier, as high and as on top as he ever would be, had only one way to go, and – aside from a third war with Ali – Joe had peaked; his fire largely burnt out. Ali and Frazier fought in a different era of course, when the sport was vastly different. Fighters fought more often, they could never have dreamed of the luxury of “cherry picking” the way fans have to watch the best fighters of today do and the paydays were nowhere near as monstrous as they often are now.

The Fight Of The Century and the two giants who provided it

If a fighter of either Ali or Frazier’s exceptional talents was around today, it’s likely he would never lose (see Floyd Mayweather; a great fighter, but one who benefited greatly from being able to do things his way: as in fight whoever he wanted to and avoid whoever he wanted to). Look at the almost ludicrous list of quality opposition Ali faced during his 21-year pro career: Sonny Liston (twice)

Floyd Patterson (twice)

Joe Frazier (three times)

George Foreman Ken Norton (three times)

Earnie Shavers George Chuvalo (twice)

In short, Ali fought absolutely everyone he should have, as well as plenty of fighters he never had to face. Frazier too fought a genuine murderer’s row. Cherry picking was never even an option in Frazier and Ali’s day. Consider how much tougher fighters had it in Ali and Frazier’s day: Ali returned, after over three-and-a-half years of enforced inactivity, in 1970; searching for a chance to regain the world champion status, from Frazier, he never lost in the ring.


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