The Golden Bachelor season 1 contestants Susan Noles and Kathy Swarts have become great friends, and they’ve been posting some hilarious content on Instagram that’s comedy gold. Susan, a 67-year-old wedding officiant from Aston Pennsylvania, and Kathy, a 70-year-old retired educational consultant from Austin, Texas, got their start on The Golden Bachelor season 1, when they competed for Gerry Turner’s heart. Although Gerry got married to Theresa Nist in the end and broke up with Susan and Kathy along the way, they gained something special: their strong friendship.

During The Golden Bachelor season 1, Susan and Kathy became fan favorites because of their distinct personalities. Susan was loved for being kind and caring, but also bold and bawdy. Kathy was known for telling it like it is, and famously told Theresa to “Zip it!” when she thought that Theresa was boasting about her relationship with Gerry. They were so beloved that they’ve both been considered front-runners to star in the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelorette. They were also selected to host a podcast, Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour. Here are ten of Susan and Kathy’s funniest Instagram posts.

1Susan Noles & Kathy Swarts Go For A Walk

Susan Can’t Keep Up With Kathy

In a March 2024 Instagram reel, Kathy and Susan went for a walk in Kathy’s hometown of Austin. Susan jokingly went on a rant that it was her first day out walking ever, pointing out that she was wearing pajama bottoms and her hair was a mess. She showed her followers the hill that Kathy was making her walk down, and jokingly lamented that she didn’t know how she was ever going to get back up. Susan then made the sign of the cross, asking God for help, in a comical way.

Kathy ignored Susan’s complaints and complimented her for wearing an Austin t-shirt. It was a hilarious moment that showed the dynamic of their relationship. While it was funny, it also showed how Kathy was helping Susan to start a walking routine. Susan and Kathy have a beautiful friendship that pushes them to be better versions of themselves.

2Susan Does Kathy’s Hair For A Cocktail Party

Kathy Doesn’t Know The Difference Between A Flat Iron & A Curling Iron

In a March 2024 Instagram reel, Susan did Kathy’s hair for a cocktail party during her son’s wedding weekend. Susan served as the wedding officiant, and also styled Kathy’s hair. Susan, who was a hairstylist for 35 years, had given Kathy a shorter haircut earlier in the week. In the reel, Susan joked that she gave Kathy the most awesome haircut, but she’d asked Kathy if she had a flat iron, and she said yes, but it was actually a curling iron. Kathy captioned the post, “Flat iron, curling iron. What’s the difference?”

Susan then joked that they were getting a houseful of company, and Kathy wanted to show off the haircut she gave her, but it didn’t look good. Kathy said that 100 people were arriving for the cocktail party in ten minutes to meet Susan, but they were upstairs working on Kathy’s hair. The video was so funny, highlighting the chaos that ensues whenever Susan and Kathy get together.

3Susan & Kathy Debate If Popcorners Are Chips

Susan Had Given Up Chips For Lent

In a March 2024 Instagram reel posted by Kathy, Susan had just arrived to officiate Kathy’s son Kyle’s wedding. The two friends were in the car after coming from the airport. Susan said that she had just gotten off the plane, and Kathy looked in her purse and found a bag of white cheddar Popcorners. Susan had given up chips for Lent. Kathy said that they were chips, but Susan insisted that they weren’t. Kathy then told her followers to decide if they were chips or not.

This exchange between the two friends was hilarious, and showed how close they have become since The Golden Bachelor season 1. It’s also heartwarming that Susan is officiating Kathy’s son’s wedding. The Golden Bachelor not only resulted in Gerry and Theresa falling in love and getting married, but created beautiful friendships among the women, especially Susan and Kathy.

4Susan & Kathy Move A Barbecue Grill

Susan & Kathy Have To Figure Out How To Get The Grill In The Yard

In a February 2024 Instagram reel, Kathy shared that Susan asked her to come to Philadelphia to help her move a barbecue grill into her yard to replace her old one. In the first part of the video, they tried to get the grill through the front door, but it didn’t fit through the house. They then moved the grill to the front of the garage, and tried to move it onto the wet grass without hitting it into Susan’s Mercedes. Susan told Kathy to wait because she had to laugh first.

With some help, Susan and Kathy were able to get the grill into the backyard. Susan laughed that they broke one of the knobs and one of the wheels off, but at least they were able to move it. However, their adventure wasn’t done yet. In the next scene, Susan announced that Kathy had locked them out of the house. Kathy laughed that one can’t be too safe when leaving the house, even though they were just in the backyard. Susan concluded the video by saying that she had a broken knob, two grills, and a lockdown.

5Kathy Opens Susan’s ‘Magic Cupboard’ Of Snacks

Susan Loves To Eat Junk Food

In a February 2024 Instagram reel, Kathy posted from Susan’s house in Pennsylvania, explaining that they’d been talking about eating “healthfully,” as “Sugar” by Maroon 5 played in the background. Susan loves to eat snacks. As Kathy told Susan to open “themagic cupboard,” Susan first pointed out a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter, including apples and pears. Kathy said that it was only five pieces of fruit, and jokingly demanded that Susan open the cupboard.

Susan funnily complained that Kathy was going to show everyone what was in the cupboard. When Susan opened the cupboard, it was packed with snacks such as cookies and chips. Susan said the reason that she had so many snacks was because she’d had company. Kathy asked her followers if they thought that Susan ate healthfully. She then quipped that she and Susan were going to have a conversation about it.

6Susan Melts A Toaster

Susan Had A Kitchen Mishap While On Vacation

In a January 2024 Instagram reel, Kathy shared a video that revealed that Susan had accidentally melted a toaster on top of a stove while she, Kathy, and fellow Golden Bachelor season 1 contestant Nancy Hulkower were on vacation. As Kathy took a video, Susan called Nancy into the kitchen to help her. Susan had also burned the toaster wires, and parts of the toaster had melted onto the stovetop. Kathy said, “Oh, good lord!” while she filmed the scene. Susan said that they had to get it off the stove.

As Susan tried to remove the burnt toaster remains with a spatula, she said that it was baked on. She tried to get it off by repeatedly moving the spatula, and hilariously said help with every movement. Kathy delclared that they needed her son, Kyle, who’s a firefighter. Nancy said that the melted toaster was like tar. Susan joked that she thought they were in trouble, and they were going to have to buy a toaster. Nancy quipped that Susan was going to buy a toaster. Susan then said she was sorry in a hilarious moment.

7Susan Confesses To Melting The Toaster

Kathy Gives Susan Up To The Hotel Receptionist

The second part of the melted toaster story was revealed in another January 2024 reel shared by Kathy. In the reel, Susan told the hotel receptionist that she was “making eggs and toasting toast,” but she accidentally melted the toaster on the hot stovetop. Kathy then interrupted and said that Susan had also burned the chord.

Susan then appeared annoyed with Kathy, and asked her if she had to speak. She then asked Kathy if she was seriously taping the moment. Susan then gave her beautiful smile and started laughing, indicating that she wasn’t really mad at Kathy at all. Nancy made devil horns behind Susan’s head as Kathy filmed. Susan then confessed to America that she burned the toaster. She did this because she knew that Kathy would post the video. The hotel receptionist was very understanding, because how could anyone be upset with Susan?

8Kathy “Cooks” Breakfast For Susan

Kathy Ordered A Drink For Susan

In January 2024 Instagram reel taken at the Miami airport before their trip, Susan met up with Kathy at the airport bar. They were waiting for Nancy before they left for their trip. Susan joked that she walked 20,000 gates to find Kathy, but she was happy to find that Kathy had ordered her a drink for breakfast. Kathy raised a toast and said, “To breakfast!”

Kathy and Susan held their drinks as Kathy joked that she’d cooked for Susan. Susan replied that Kathy had only ordered for her. Kathy said that ordering was kind of like cooking. It was so funny because, not only did Kathy not cook anything, but they were having drinks for breakfast. It was a moment that really captured Susan and Kathy’s silly personalities. They love to joke around with each other, and they are so fun-loving and zany.

9Kathy & Susan Dress In Matching Outfits

Kathy & Susan Love To Go Shopping Together

Kathy and Susan wore matching outfits in a January 2024 Instagram reel. They both wore black and white striped outfits, with similar patterns. Kathy’s was sleeveless, while Susan’s was long-sleeved. Kathy wore a black beret with sparkes, while Susan wore a large pink sunhat. They agreed that their outfits would work. However, Susan pointed out that Kathy would freeze, and Susan would sweat. Then they both laughed.

Kathy and Susan looked beautiful in their outfits, and their funny commentary made the scene yet another one that showcased their comical shenanigans together. This video was taken early in their friendship after the show, but the love between them was already evident. They can make even an everyday errand, such as shopping for clothes, into a fun adventure. They truly seem as though they were made to be friends.

10Susan & Kathy Embrace Their Kris Jenner & Caitlyn Jenner Comparisons

Kris Jenner Made A Video For Susan During The Golden Bachelor

Since Susan and Kathy debuted on The Golden Bachelor season 1, fans have noticed their resemblances to Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner, respectively. Kris even made a video for Susan that aired during “The Women Tell All,” in which she revealed that she loved the show, and thanked the contestants for bringing everyone so much joy. She especially praised Susan for being so amazing, which brought her to tears because she loves her and has been a big fan of hers.

In an October 2023 post, Kathy shared a fan-made TikTok video that began with Susan and Kathy standing at a Golden Bachelor rose ceremony. While Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” played in the background, the photo changed to one of Kris and Caitlyn standing together, and then another of Caitlyn kissing Kris on the cheek. Kathy captioned the video, “A Golden Moment.”The fact that Kathy shared this showed that she and Susan embrace their resemblances to their celebrity lookalikes. It’s a very funny video.

Susan and Kathy have become the best of friends since they appeared together on The Golden Bachelor season 1. Hopefully, their podcast will be a stepping stone for them to receive their own reality TV show together about all of their hilarious adventures. In addition, either one of them would be perfect to star in the first-ever season of The Golden BacheloretteSusan and Kathy are both wonderful women on their own, but, together, they’re gold.