The Terrifying Health Scare Patrick And Brittany Mahomes Had With Their Son As A Baby

Taylor Swift was regarded as the top WAG of Super Bowl LVIII thanks to her relationship with Chief’s tight end Travis Kelce. But while Brittany Mahomes may not have received as much air time as she used to, she and Patrick Mahomes’s adorable children still managed to steal a few moments of the show. Brittany and the quarterback share two kids — Patrick Lavon Mahomes III, nicknamed “Bronze,” and daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes.

The pair were all smiles cheering on their dad on the Allegiant Stadium field, but it could have been a pretty stressful moment for Brittany as being out in public around food brings certain risks. That’s because Bronze is “highly, highly allergic to peanuts,” according to Brittany via The Daily Mail. It’s a concern she and Patrick have to think about every day after the terrifying way they were alerted to Bronze’s allergy. She revealed in an Instagram Story in August 2023 that her son, then nine months old, had to be rushed to the emergency room. “We took a very scary and frantic trip to the ER yesterday after finding out this guy is highly, highly allergic to peanuts,” she shared with fans, deeming it “the scariest 30min of my life.”

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, a peanut allergy is one of the most common childhood allergies, affecting nearly 2.5 percent of all kids in the United States. A child’s reaction can range from mild to severe, and though Brittany didn’t expound on Bronze’s ordeal, it sounds like it was way beyond mild.

Parenthood looks different now for the Mahomes

The Mahomes at Thanksgiving

Having a child with a peanut allergy can be very challenging. You have to be cautious about what is in your child’s environment all the time, especially if their allergy is life-threatening. “I can relate to all moms and families out there that are dealing with children with severe food allergies,” Brittany Mahomes shared with People in December 2023.

She explained how holidays, a time when food is ever present, can be particularly hard as it requires vigilance. “It is so special to be able to help these people [those with allergies] and reassure them they are not alone,” she said. The mother of two detailed how she and her husband, Patrick Mahomes, are “hyper-aware of what food and drinks we have in our household” to “ensure my family is safe inside the home and out.” She gave the exclusive interview to highlight how the Mahomes and the brand OWYN partnered in matching a donation to FARE, a charity that aims to “improve the quality of life and health of those with food allergies,” according to their website.

In January 2024, Brittany advocated again for awareness about severe childhood allergies. She posted a video to her Instagram of her and her family at home and captioned it, “I’m so excited to be partnering with @auvi_q to help spread awareness about severe food allergies in young children and how to respond.” Auvi-Q is an epinephrine injection device that is smaller than a traditional epi-pen. It’s specifically designed for babies and toddlers, like Bronze.

Bronze Mahomes isn’t alone in having allergies

The Mahomes give their kids a kiss

Unfortunately, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’s firstborn, Sterling Skye Mahomes, gave her parents a taste of what was to come with brother Bronze when it was discovered she had food allergies. Brittany revealed to Parents how when Sterling was just months old, formula caused a host of symptoms. “She was vomiting; she was sneezing; she had red, itchy eyes,” Brittany said. While Sterling thankfully didn’t have to be rushed to the emergency room, she did need to see an allergist.

The former professional soccer player confessed that she and Patrick were surprised by their kids’ sensitivities. “It kind of shocked us, and it kind of hit us from left field because we don’t have any allergies. So, we weren’t really sure how both of our kids got this,” Brittany admitted. The mom also recalled how, in light of Sterling’s allergies, they were doing “early introduction” with their secondborn, beginning with milk, then eggs, and then peanuts, which caused Bronze to break out in hives all over his body and led them to discover his peanut allergy.

Sterling’s allergies fortunately also resulted in the Mahomes having an Auvi-Q at home, which Brittany admitted helped her feel “a little more competent in the situation.” Still, the parents readily agree that they’re still incredibly vigilant in packing their own foods and monitoring exposure, especially when their kids are surrounded by people and their snacks while watching Patrick play at the stadium.

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