Therapy Is the Only Thing That Can Save Robyn Dixon

Robyn Dixon says she and Juan don’t need couples therapy but her delusion suggests she may need her own therapist or at least a good friend.

Robyn Dixon crying on 'RHOP'
Imagr by Jeff Chacon, Bravo

The Big Picture

  • Robyn Dixon continues to deny the truth about her troubled marriage and defend her husband’s mistreatment.
  • Robyn’s denial and refusal to face the possibility of divorce show signs of insecurity and a fear of being alone.
  • If Robyn becomes self-aware and realizes her worth, she could reclaim her power and become more likable on Real Housewives of Potomac.

After eight seasons of watching the dysfunction that is Juan and Robyn Dixon’s relationship play out for Real Housewives of Potomac audiences, most fans have given up on Robyn admitting her marriage is in trouble. Juan’s extensive list of infractions against his wife continues growing with each episode of the reality show, but Robyn is determined to turn a blind eye to her husband’s mistreatment, choosing instead to villainize the women around her for voicing their concerns.

Juan told Robyn that he wasn’t attracted to her, criticized her approach to business, and is consistently dismissive when she tries to engage him in conversation on camera. While Robyn attempts to champion their relationship, Juan is cold and distant with her and shows up begrudgingly for events involving the husbands and family. If his actions towards his on-again, off-again wife weren’t enough, Juan admitted having inappropriate conversations/texts with another woman and had been spotted around Potomac enjoying a spa day with a female co-worker. IN a recent episode, Mia Thornton asked Robyn if she and Juan were in counseling, and she was surprised the answer was no. Couples therapy probably won’t salvage whatever is left of the Dixons’ marriage, but it could be the mirror Robyn needs to free herself of Juan once and for all.

No One Has Been Able to Free Robyn From Juan’s Imaginary Shackles

Robyn was forced to admit she knew about her husband’s interaction with another woman after her cast mates discovered the tea and spilled it all over the Potomac tables for Robyn to acknowledge. Instead of admitting Juan was wrong, and her feelings were hurt, Robyn defended Juan, claiming he was just being a good Samaritan, paying for a woman’s hotel room, so she wouldn’t be stranded in another country. Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, and Charisse Jackson Jordan, attempted to wake Robyn up from her delusional sleep to see that Juan is not the man she believes him to be, but instead of taking her friends’ concern to heart, Robyn immediately switched the ladies from friend to foe, driving a wedge between the tightest friendship on the show, the green-eyed bandits.

In episode eleven ‘First Come, First Served,’ Mia Thornton shared her marital woes with Robyn, hoping to create a safe space for Robyn to acknowledge her own issues, but Robyn doubled down on her stance that her marriage is in a great space. When Mia slyly pointed out that Juan would have had to be present with his guest to pay for her hotel room, Robyn brushed the inference off, remaining committed to Juan’s foolish explanation as to why he paid for a woman’s hotel room.

Mia was tickled at Robyn’s delusion, but in true Mia fashion, she kept the conversation moving. She shared that she and Gordon were in couples therapy, but Robyn remained stoic in her denial, informing Mia that the only problems she and Juan experienced were with people outside the relationship attempting to break them up. Fans on social media were shocked that Robyn refused to see the writing on the wall but have started to question Robyn’s mental health. Her assessment of not needing couples therapy could be true, specifically because Robyn’s actions prove she is the one who needs to be in therapy. Robyn’s blind denial of Juan’s mistreatment is proof that she is out of touch with herself and, for some unknown reason, clinging to the idea of being a happy wife despite her reality.

Robyn’s Denial About Her Marriage Is Exhausting

According to Psychology Today, rationalizing any form of abuse, mental or physical, is denial. “As adults, we deny the truth when it might mean we’d have to take action we don’t want to. We might not look at how much debt we’ve accumulated, because that would require us to lower our spending or standard of living, creating inner conflict. A wife rationalizes facts that suggest her husband is cheating and supplies other explanations. Confronting the truth forces her to face not only the pain of betrayal, humiliation, and loss, but the possibility of divorce,” the report notes. Robyn exhibits the signs of a woman in denial because she doesn’t want to face the possibility and potential pain of divorce.

When RHOP premiered in 2016, Robyn and Juan were in a dysfunctional relationship. The attractive couple met in school and were together throughout Juan’s NBA career. Due to Juan’s infidelity, the couple were separated but living under the same roof. When questioned about the nature of their relationship, Robyn was always hopeful that the two would reconcile. She used her children as the basis for her wish to keep her marriage together, but it was clear that she still loved her ex-husband. Juan’s energy towards Robyn never matched hers, and he seemed frustrated by the arrangement. And because Robyn eviscerated Juan’s NBA fortune with bad investments, she felt guilty.

Audiences watched Robyn stick by the fantasy of her family remaining intact, although Juan appeared unmoved in his intentions. It took Robyn six seasons to convince Juan to remarry her, but in the finale of season 7, she finally convinced Juan to do it with the understanding that she wouldn’t make a big deal about their nuptials. Not even Robyn’s bestie, Gizelle, was invited to the ceremony that seemed more matter-of-fact than intimate with just the couple, Robyn’s parents and their sons as witnesses. Karen and several of the other housewives questioned Robyn about the wedding being so hushed, but Robyn insisted it was what they both wanted. Coincidentally, as soon as the couple re-tied the knot, rumors of Juan’s infidelity began circulating and Robyn admitted she knew about the issues the entire time.

Without Therapy, Robyn Remains In an Unhealthy Cycle

Robyn fits the textbook definition of a woman who has defined herself by keeping her marriage intact by any means necessary. A therapist could assist Robyn in re-discovering herself and realizing that she is doing her sons a disservice by allowing them to witness a relationship where a husband is constantly disrespectful to his wife without consequences. Like every woman, Robyn has the right to remain committed to her vows and to her family, but it’s difficult watching a woman subject herself to unnecessary mistreatment on a nationally televised platform.

Reality television fans are addicted to train wrecks and drama, but at the heart of RHOP there is genuine concern for a woman who somehow lost her identity in a marriage that no longer serves her. The last two seasons have positioned Robyn as one of the least likable women in the cast, simply because her inability to recognize her co-stars’ concern for her is genuine. Instead of doing self-reflection, she deflects and constantly pledges her allegiance to a man who does not protect nor prioritize her feelings. Sadly, Juan’s treatment of Robyn is a reflection of her treatment of herself. She has taught him that she is readily prepared to accept his disrespect in exchange for keeping their family intact at the expense of herself.

Robyn Would Be Much More Likable On ‘RHOP’ If She Became Self-Aware

Reality TV allows viewers the opportunity to learn and grow through the lives of their favorite characters. While some viewers have lost faith in Robyn’s grasp on reality, many out there can relate to her inability to realize that she deserves much better than Juan has given her over the past eight seasons. According to life coach Latonia Taylor, the worst thing friends and family can do when a woman is experiencing physical or emotional abuse is to abandon her. “As women, we should stand in the gap for our sisters even when they aren’t able to stand for themselves,” she advises.

While Robyn’s relationship with her Potomac sisters is in peril, there are fans holding on to the hope that she will wake up and realize her worth. Robyn is a beautiful woman who has proved her ability to be resilient in the face of adversity. Her criticism on the show is in direct response to her deceitful behavior in an attempt to protect her husband. If Robyn could wake up and realize her own worth, her issues with the other women would likely dissipate along with much of her criticism from fans of the show.

Robyn is right in her statement that the couple doesn’t need therapy. Juan has been consistent since their debut on the show in 2016. His treatment of his wife isn’t something that needs to be addressed in couples therapy. Robyn would benefit far more from an opportunity to sit down one-on-one with a therapist that would be able to help her reclaim herself. Once Robyn rediscovers the power and beauty within, the issues with the other women would be insignificant and the problems with her husband Juan would be handled very differently. If that happens, Robyn could boast one of the most appreciated storylines in the housewives franchise. Everyone loves watching the underdog claim their power and rise to the top. Robyn Dixon, we’re waiting for you.

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