“They Can Pull You Down”: Laila Ali Shares What Happens When You Liaise In With People Who Lack Vision and Have No Goals in Life

The Hall of Fame Christy Martin‘s match inspired an eighteen-year-old Laila Ali to enter the squared circle. Post-teen years saw her become a beauty entrepreneur. But Muhammad Ali‘s daughter had her vision set off on a much higher goal. The determination to achieve set her on the course to everlasting boxing fame and legacy. What would have happened if she’d allowed herself to remain in her safety net, accompanied by those who were happy with their lot?

If she hadn’t moved out of her comfort zone, the accomplishments that made her one of the pioneers in women’s boxing would remain a pipe dream. But, never a person to rest on her laurels, her post-retirement years saw her return to business, besides a foray into the entertainment industry. So now a savvy and consummate businesswoman, Laila Ali has turned the spotlight on her life experiences and the learnings that brought her to where she is today.

Avoid driftless floaters, a wake-up call from Laila Ali


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Besides sharing tips, stories, and updates on healthy living that might help in everyday life, Laila Ali often relays inspiring and thought-provoking posts that can awaken people from their slumber and lead a more active and productive life. Take, for instance, the video clip she shared today. The message shared initially by Michael Beckwith talks about avoiding people who lead an aimless existence.

Beckwith, a spiritual leader associated with the ‘New Thought’ philosophy, founded the ‘Agape International Spiritual Center’ in California. According to him, the most threatening people are those who are directionless, living without rhyme or reason. “…So if you’re hanging around with people, they have no goals, no visions. They are not thinking about a beautiful future. They can pull you down. You can get into their frequency and their vibration,” he said. Laila Ali seems to agree with the renowned sage’s words.

She was twenty-tw0, a reasonably old age by boxing standards when Laila Ali turned professional. Moreover, she had massive expectations of filling her legendary father’s shoes. However, undeterred, Ali persevered, eventually winning her first belt three years later. The rest, as they say, is history. She became a world champion in two divisions, retiring in 2007 with an unbeaten record.


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