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This Contestant Is Shockingly Emerging As The New Villain Of The Bachelor Season 28

During The Bachelor season 28 episode 4, Joey Graziadei finally sent home Sydney Gordon after her drama with Maria Georgas, but Lea Cayanan has shockingly taken her place as the season’s villain. Sydney and Maria’s conflict began when Madina Alam, who’s 31 years old, expressed concern about her age to the other women. Later, Maria spoke to one of the other contestants about it, saying that Madina should own her age because she’s a beautiful woman. However, Sydney, who overheard the conversation, misconstrued this comment as Maria belittling Madina’s feelings.

The Bachelor season 28 has since focused on Sydney’s mission to expose Maria as a “mean girl” and a bully. However, many of the other women in the house didn’t feel that that was the case, including Madina. Although Maria and Madina smoothed things over, Sydney continued to antagonize Maria, even telling Joey what seemed to be lies about her bad behavior. Joey had a two-on-one date with Sydney and Maria, during which he finally sent Sydney home. However, now, in a surprising turn of events, Lea has taken Sydney’s place as the season’s villain.

Lea Cayanan Began The Bachelor Season 28 As A Heroine

On The Bachelor season 28 premiere night, Lea was seen as a heroine when she refused to use an advantage given to her by the producers.Lea met Joey during Charity Lawson’s Bachelorette “After the Final Rose” episode, during which she was given an envelope that host Jesse Palmer told her she couldn’t open until premiere night. When Lea finally opened it, she was shocked to discover that it contained a card that allowed her to steal a one-on-one date from any woman during the season until the hometown dates.

Lea was very upset that she was given such an advantage. Not only did she not want to force Joey to take her on a date, but she didn’t want to hurt one of her fellow contestants by stealing a date from her. After discussing everything with Joey, Lea made the decision to burn the card in the Bachelor Mansion fireplace, forfeiting the opportunity. Joey was so impressed by this that he gave Lea the first impression rose, and Bachelor fans praised her for her selflessness. However, things have now taken a turn with Lea.

Lea Supported Sydney Gordon

The Bachelor Season 28 Contestant Sydney Gordon Posing Outdoors

Throughout The Bachelor season 28, Sydney accused Maria of bullying her. Although many of the women said that this wasn’t the case, Lea fully supported Sydney. It was shocking to see this, considering that a lot of what Sydney was saying seemed to be fabricated. In fact, her reactions to Maria were so extreme that it seemed that Sydney must be a producer plant. However, Lea was a friend to Sydney, and stayed by her side. It was disappointing to see Lea, who seemed to be so altruistic and kind in the beginning, taking the side of the villain.

Lea Confronted Madina Alam

Madina Alam from The Bachelor Season 28 Posing and Smiling

Lea was so loyal to Sydney that, after Sydney was eliminated on Joey’s two-on-one date with her and Maria, she expected her fellow contestants to care more that she went home. She also took issue with them being nice to Maria. As Lea watched the other women, including Madina, joking around with Maria, she became very upset.

Lea said in her confessional that if she were Sydney, she would feel disappointed, especially in Madina. She admitted that she was so frustrated with Madina because “one second she’s Team Syd, and the second Maria walks in, she’s voicing how she’s so happy for her.” Lea stated that she wanted to bring some things to light, and she didn’t care if she needed to “stand up and be brave. I have a voice, and I’m not afraid to use it.”

Lea then pulled Madina aside to speak to her. She told her that Sydney leaving “made a lot of things a lot more real and a lot more serious.” Lea expressed that she was frustrated and confused about how Madina had navigated this. She told her that the previous night she had called Sydney one of her best friends, and said that she was hoping that she was going to come home from the two-on-one date. However, she then said that when Maria walked in, Madina started to “kind of switch up,” and told her that she was happy for her and that she looked good. Lea said that Madina’s narrative changed a bit.

Madina responded that Maria knew that she and Sydney were close, and that she didn’t have to be mean to Maria because of it. Lea said that she wasn’t saying that she needed to be mean. She just wanted clarity and to gain some perspective. However, Madina argued that Lea didn’t have to understand how she was navigating her journey. She stated that she didn’t understand how Lea or any of the other girls were doing it, but she also wasn’t pulling them aside to tell them how to do it. Lea said that she was sorry.

Madina added that she was sorry that she hadn’t been the friend that Lea expected her to be, but she was already hard enough on herself, and she was just trying to navigate through the situation the best she could. She began to tear up, saying that Lea’s comment was extremely hurtful because she was just trying to get through the experience. However, instead of comforting Madina, Lea said that she hoped that having the conversation could give Madina some perspective.

Madina then told Lea that she felt that they didn’t get anywhere with the conversation. Lea agreed, and said that it was okay. Lea said that they just had different approaches and perspectives on life and relationships. She told Madina that she holds herself, her friends, and her close circle to a really high standard. Lea said that she had “a different set of morals and values.” Madina told her that they should just agree to disagree, and Lea said that it was “cool.”

Lea later told Jess Edwards and Rachel Nance that back home, “my friends and I would go to war for each other.” She added that she was “so gentle” about it, and hoped that Madina wouldn’t make it “a thing.” She said that she couldn’t be fake, and didn’t want to be fake. Lea stated that Sydney inserted herself for Madina, and Maria doesn’t care about anyone, except to use all of their curling irons.

Although she thought that she was being loyal to Sydney, there was no reason for Lea to continue the drama now that Sydney was finally gone. The fact that she would question Madina’s character because she was nice to Maria was very strange and unnecessary. Despite what she thought were her noble intentions, Lea was the one who made the situation into “a thing.”

Lea Indirectly Made Maria Georgas Cry & Want To Quit The Bachelor Season 28

Maria decided to lie low and stay quiet at the cocktail party because she’d already received a rose from Joey. Maria later saw Madina sitting alone after her conversation with Lea, and approached her. She told her that she didn’t want to get involved, but asked her if everything was okay with her. Madina told her that “everyone” was mad that she was being nice to her.Maria asked her why she was so hated there, and told her that it made her upset. Madina told her that she didn’t hate her. Madina said that she didn’t want to make her upset. She told Maria that Lea told her that Madina was the reason that Sydney got sent home.

Maria was so upset that she cried. She felt that no matter if she was loud or quiet, she couldn’t win with the other women. She was later shown telling the producers that she wanted to quit the show. Maria said that Lea was upset that the other girls embraced her. She cried that she wanted to go home.

Lea said in her confessional, “Maria storms off in tears, and I want to say, I’m glad that that’s the case. Yeah, she’s just … I don’t know. Honestly, like she’s a drama queen cry baby. She has a rose. She had a week in Malta, and she has had so much time with Joey. I can’t change that, so, you know, my hands are up. But tonight’s a really great opportunity for me to speak my truth and stand on it.”Lea’s cold reaction to Maria’s tears was shocking. Like Sydney, she called Maria a drama queen, yet she was the one who continued to create problems after Sydney was finally gone.

Lea Continued To Waste Joey’s Time With The Sydney Drama

The Bachelor's Lea Cayanan and Joey Graziadei smiling

During the rose ceremony cocktail party, Lea spent her time with Joey talking about Maria. She told him that, if she was being completely real, a lot of the women were shocked because of the words that were said and how Maria treated some of them. She told him that she “absolutely” trusted his “intuition” and his “decision-making process.” She said that she knew he was smart, and “it is what it is.” However, if Lea truly trusted Joey’s intuition, then she wouldn’t question his decision to give Maria a rose. Like her conversation with Madina, she was inserting herself into a situation that had nothing to do with her.

Lea has now taken Sydney’s place as the villain of The Bachelor season 28. This is shocking considering that she began the season as the heroine who sacrificed her own advantage for the other women. She seems to have gone from being a girl’s girl to a mean girl, who didn’t seem to care at all that she upset Maria. Lea said that Maria was hurtful, but she didn’t seem to realize that she was also upsetting people.

Lea and Sydney’s strong reactions to Maria are confusing, but, of course, the show is heavily edited, so there could be something missing. However, Maria doesn’t deserve to be treated this way. Hopefully, viewers will get some clarity during “The Women Tell All” episode. In the meantime, Lea should focus less on Maria and more on her relationship with Joey if she expects him to give her a rose in the future on The Bachelor season 28.

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