Thomas Jacobs Debuts Fresh Look After ‘Spiraling’

Former “Bachelor in Paradise” star Thomas Jacobs is living his best life these days. He lives in San Diego, California with his wife, former “Bachelorette” Becca Kufrin, and their son, Benson. Jacobs recently took to social media to reveal a different look, and both Kufrin and Bachelor Nation had a lot to say about it.

Thomas Jacobs Reveals Why He Had 'Zero Fear' About Rekindling With Becca  Kufrin After 'BIP' : r/thecca

Here’s what you need to know:

Thomas Jacobs Decided His Goatee Needed to Go


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On January 19, Jacobs took to his Instagram Stories to share his new look. His initial stories were about a deck renovation that he knew Kufrin would be irritated about. He also shared a glimpse of him in the kitchen cooking pasta sauce while holding his son, knowing it would score him points with the former “Bachelorette” lead.

Soon, however, his Instagram Stories took a turn. One moment he’s joking that he’ll let everyone know if his plan with the cooking worked with Kufrin. The next moment, Jacobs is back and his usual scruff and goatee are gone.

He had just a mustache, and he gave followers a poll to vote on “NEVER GOATEE” with the available answers being “100% accurate” or “Eh. They’re not that bad.”

“I also watched that video while posting it and realized the goatee had to go immediately,” Jacobs explained. He continued, “And then I figured, the doghouse isn’t that bad, so…” as he presented his face without the goatee.

“Mustache Tommy is back,” he quipped, and added, “Oh man, I can’t help myself.”

That wasn’t the end of Jacobs’ transformation, though. A bit later, he returned with another Instagram Story. The mustache was now gone as well. He captioned the video, “I don’t know how we got here,” and shared, “So I’m clean-shaven now. Don’t really know how this happened. Some would describe it as spiraling.”

Jacobs noted he had not been clean-shaven since “Katie Thurston tried to throw my rose out of New Mexico.” He admitted the new look was “definitely a change,” and he looked pretty down about the end result of his spiral.

Becca Kufrin Was Quite Surprised

The “Bachelor in Paradise” star then gave fans a glimpse of how Kufrin reacted to the new look. “I messed up not getting her first reaction walking down the stairs,” he admitted. What he was able to record was still pretty entertaining, though.

Kufrin stood with a hand on one hip and a glass of red wine in the other. “Not the reaction I was fully expecting,” Jacobs said as Kufrin laughed.

She laughed heartily and asked, “What did you do?” Jacobs asked what she meant, and she added, “You look like you’re 14. I love you so much.” Kufrin was essentially wiping away tears at that point because she was laughing so hard.

Jacobs’ last chapter of the new-look chaos string of Instagram Stories showed four selfies he had taken that day.

The first selfie showed him with his typical goatee and scruff, then the second showed him with the scruff gone. Next came the mustache-only photo, and he wrapped up with the clean-shaven one. He wrote, “I’ve been 4 different people in the span of today.”

Bachelor Nation Seemed Divided on Jacobs’ Clean-Shaven Look

The next day, Jacobs returned to his Instagram Stories with an update he titled “Emergency press conference.” The “Bachelor in Paradise” star shared, “Alright, here’s the game plan. I woke up, still don’t have facial hair. Becca’s not thrilled on this. So, I am taking her to do her favorite things.”

“Bachelor in Paradise” fans had plenty to say about Jacobs’ transformation in “The Bachelor” subreddit. Overall, it seemed the reactions were mixed, with a balance of people liking the new look versus plenty who thought it was a mistake.

One Redditor declared, “Wow he looks so good!”

“For real, this isn’t a filter? Becca is right, he looks like he’s a teenager. Still a good looking man though,” commented another Redditor.


“He looks like an entirely different person. So much so that I would not have been able to recognize him,” suggested a separate poster.

“Oh no no no…. Grow it back! Lol,” read another Redditor’s comment.

One fan suggested Jacobs looked like “Oscar from ‘The Office’” with his clean-shaven look. Another mentioned that Jacobs resembled soap actor Don Diamont. There was another suggestion he now looked like Vin Diesel as well.

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