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Thomas Ravenel Mourns Heartbreaking Loss of His Brother William

Thomas Ravenel

Heavy/BravoThomas Ravenel.

Thomas Ravenel paid tribute to his late brother William following his death at age 65.

In March 2024, the “Southern Charm”  alum shared the sad news that his older brother, who was born with Down Syndrome, passed away. Ravenel posted to X on March 15:  “RIP To my dear brother William Ravenel. (1/23/1959–3/15/2024).”

“Having Downs Syndrome he lived much longer than expected. Still, it’s hard to accept,” the former Bravo star wrote. “He was the second to the youngest and I was the youngest so we were the closest in age and he was my playmate during my toddler years. I loved him and wanted everyone else to love him too.

In addition to William, Ravenel has an older brother, Arthur Ravenel III, and three older sisters Suzanne, Renee, and Eva, according to Mount Pleasant Magazine.

Ravenel posted to X to share that his brother William will be buried “as per my father’s strict instructions right between him and my mother.” “Not that his soul would be confined to a gravesite,” the “Southern Charm” veteran added. “I guess he wanted people who saw his grave and had memories of him would also see my brother’s grave and keep him in their memories too.”

Thomas Ravenel Said His Brother Was the Best Person He Knew

Ravenel, 61, shared a series of vintage  family photos on Instagram as he said goodbye to his brother

“R. I. P. William, my beloved brother,” he wrote. “You were my closest sibling in age and emotion. You were my roommate and playmate as a toddler. I loved you so much and I wanted everyone else to love you. You were completely guileless, an angel unaware and a beautiful part of life. Mommy and Daddy, I’m sure will be so happy to see you in Heaven.”

In a post shared to X, Ravenel said his brother was special to him. “My brother William was the best person I knew, completely guileless, an angel unaware,” he wrote. “I remember asking Dad if he could have any wish in the world what would it be. I’ll never forget his response. It was that William would have been born normal. But he was born special. Regardless of how we felt at any given moment, if any of his siblings was sad, he’d be sad alongside us. If we were happy and laughing he’d contribute to our laughter as well. He was all about making us feel special.”

William Ravenel Inspired Change in South Carolina

My brother William was the best person I knew, completely guileless, an angel unaware. I remember asking Dad if he could have any wish in the world what would it be. I’ll never forget his response. It was that William would have been born normal. But he was born special.…


When William was born with Down syndrome, his parents Arthur and Louise became involved in reform and education for the treatment and care of those with special needs in Charleston, South Carolina.

In a 2014 interview with The State, Thomas Ravenel said of his mother, “She dedicated her life to helping the needs of the less fortunate, the handicapped. She’s been a warrior on behalf of equal rights.” Ravenel’s mother founded the Protection & Advocacy For People With Disabilities.

According to the Library of Congress archives, in 1964 Look magazine shared photographs of William in an article about how the Ravenel family coped with his special needs. Per the archives, the photos included featured “six-year-old William Ravenel, of Charleston, S.C. and his family.” Photos included “his sister Suzie shopping with William and carrying him on her back,” and another of him “reading with father and brother Thomas” and “playing with siblings Rene, Eva, and Thomas.”

William Ravenel’s Post and Courier obituary stated that he passed away at his home at the Coastal Center in Ladson, South Carolina.= on March 15, 2024. He was described as a “playful, joyful gentleman throughout his entire life,” as well as “a leading changemaker for the developmentally disabled.”

The obituary also revealed that some of the other work that Ravenel’s parents did following the birth of William included starting up pre-schools and camps for developmentally delayed children.

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