“Today’s ones are scared to speak against genocide” – Muhammad Ali’s ICONIC picture with Saddam Hussein after saving 15 US hostages goes viral again - Apkcombat

“Today’s ones are scared to speak against genocide” – Muhammad Ali’s ICONIC picture with Saddam Hussein after saving 15 US hostages goes viral again

Muhammad Ali is known as the greatest boxer to emerge from the sport of boxing. Furthermore, Ali’s life had an impact far beyond the boxing ring, and he contributed to the voice against racial injustice. Similarly, Muhammad Ali‘s mission to Baghdad in 1990 is an intriguing chapter in his life outside the boxing ring. At the time, the United States and Iraq were on the brink of conflict. Furthermore, Saddam Hussein had detained a group of American citizens, including women and children, as a tactic to deter military action against Iraq.

Feeling compelled to help, Ali, known for his global fame and influence, offered himself as a mediator to negotiate the release of the hostages. Despite his diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease and facing health challenges, Ali embarked on a personal mission to Baghdad in November 1990. During his visit, Ali met with Hussein in an attempt to appeal to the Iraqi leader’s sense of compassion and humanity. The meeting was reportedly tense, with Ali urging Saddam Hussein to release the hostages and avoid a potential war.

Despite Ali’s efforts, the negotiations did not succeed. The hostages did not find their freedom right away. The Gulf War began in January 1991. Hussein released the hostages later that year after the conflict had started. Subsequently, Ali’s mission did not achieve its primary objective of securing the hostages’ release before military action but played a huge role in saving the lives of 15 US hostages.

In 1990, Muhammad Ali saved the lives of 15 U.S hostages in Iraq by going there and negotiating with Saddam Hussein by himself, ignoring warnings from the government and his family.

However, his willingness to engage in diplomatic efforts showcased his commitment to humanitarian causes and his desire to contribute beyond the boxing arena. It’s essential to note that Ali’s involvement was a personal initiative and not an official government mission.

Fans react to Muhammad Ali’s humanitarian trip

Ali’s trip was a humanitarian effort aimed at negotiating the release of hostages being held by the Iraqi government. Furthermore, this highlighted the unique role that celebrities, even those outside traditional political spheres, can play in global events and humanitarian efforts.

Ali’s involvement in the hostage situation added another layer to his legacy beyond boxing. It underscored his commitment to humanitarian causes and his willingness to use his fame for purposes beyond sports and entertainment. As such, Ali’s humanitarian trip recently resurfaced on social media, and fans reacted, stating, “They don’t make athletes like this anymore. Today’s ones are even too scared to just speak out against genocide.” Check out some of the reactions:

Fans showered Ali with a lot of praise and respect for his actions and stated how brave he was. Furthermore, people brought up several other great acts that Ali did in his life. Combat sports fans mentioned that Ali was not just the greatest boxer because of his achievements but also because of who he was.


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