Tom Sаndovаl Tһіnks Jаmes Kennedy's Retаlіаtory Urіnаtіon Wаs 'Funny': 'I've Peed on My Busһes' - Apkcombat

Tom Sаndovаl Tһіnks Jаmes Kennedy’s Retаlіаtory Urіnаtіon Wаs ‘Funny’: ‘I’ve Peed on My Busһes’

On Tuesday’s episode of ‘Vanderpump Rules‘, the DJ vindictively relieved himself on the TomTom bar co-owner’s bushes after storming out of an argument about who had committed the “ultimate betrayal”

<p>Amanda Edwards/Getty; Amanda Edwards/Getty </p> Tom Sandvoal and James Kennedy
Amanda Edwards/Getty; Amanda Edwards/GettyTom Sandvoal and James Kennedy

Tom Sandoval is laughing off his Vanderpump Rules costar James Kennedy’s act of defiance.

On this week’s VPR after show, the Schwartz & Sandy’s co-owner, 41, shared that he couldn’t care less about James, 32, peeing his bushes following their argument over Sandoval not apologizing for the “ultimate betrayal.”

“I’ve peed on my bushes. I don’t care,” he said. “I just think it’s funny that he’s doing it as a diss, I don’t give a s—. I think that just speaks to James’s personality.”

But James said the punishment fit the crime: “Make lemonade with those lemons now, my piss lemons.”

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<p>Frazer Harrison/Getty</p> Tom Sandoval attends the 2024 Creative Arts Emmys at Peacock Theater on January 7, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.
Frazer Harrison/GettyTom Sandoval attends the 2024 Creative Arts Emmys at Peacock Theater on January 7, 2024 in Los Angeles, California.

James also opened up about why he was upset with Sandoval for bringing up his past with Kristen Doute when he was trying to discuss him having an affair with his former fiancé and costar Rachel “Raquel” Leviss, which ended Sandoval’s relationship with Ariana Madix.

“He just tried to bring it back to my past relationships … we all know what he’s f—ing talking about,” he explained. “We all know what he said. And the fact that he’s been holding that in his pocket. A 40-year-old f—ing  man is just sad to me.”

When Lala Kent asked what he said exactly, James responded, “You banged my ex, so I get to bang your ex.”

Todd Williamson/Bravo, Phillip Faraone/Getty James Kennedy, Tom Sandoval
Todd Williamson/Bravo, Phillip Faraone/Getty James Kennedy, Tom Sandoval

Sandoval appeared to still be hung up on James sleeping with Kristen, explaining, “Kristen and I had been broken up for like weeks. I’m staying at Scheana’s bedroom in that bunk bed. He is, at the time, living with his brothers and his grandma and his mom. So he’s like f— living in that situation. I’ll just stay at Tom’s apartment and f— Kristen.”

“It was crazy. F—ing on my bed,” he added. “I don’t know, I found it really cold-blooded. And he wasn’t even doing it because he was in love with Kristen. And here, you know, him and Raquel had been broken up, at that point, for like six months. He’s already got a girlfriend [Ally Lewber] that he’s more in love with than he’s ever been in love with ever in his life. I know it’s f—ing tough what I did…. My motivation was not to get further in my career or anything. It was an emotionally driven, bad decision.”

“Look, I was not in the best place and I had a lot of pent up resentment towards James from previous years that I have not addressed with him,” he concluded. “I’ve kept it like buried with Kristen and stuff. I’ve never really addressed that with him. I just let it go. “

<p>Ella DeGea/Getty</p> Tom Sandoval, James Kennedy and Tom Schwartz attend the Silent Pool Gin Launch Party at Tom Tom on September 18, 2018 in West Hollywood, California.
Ella DeGea/GettyTom Sandoval, James Kennedy and Tom Schwartz attend the Silent Pool Gin Launch Party at Tom Tom on September 18, 2018 in West Hollywood, California.

However, James couldn’t believe that Sandoval was still reeling over something happened a decade earlier.

“We lived life for the last 10 years, Tom, and for the last five of them, right, we’ve been on vacations,” he said. “Does that mean on the snowboarding trip two years ago you were just … imagining f—ing Raquel the entire time? It’s just weird to me. It’s just he was always f—ing liar.”

Ariana argued that her ex couldn’t see that he was also in the wrong, saying, “He’s totally missed the part where he has nothing to stand on anymore. I think he’s completely missed that.”

Katie Maloney added, “Tom loves bringing out the history books. But that’s the thing is I don’t live in 2012 … it’s 2023. I’ve learned a lot since then and I’ve grown a lot since then. If you want to live back in those days, have at it, but don’t bring that s— into now. It’s so pathetic. It’s just a desperate attempt to try to make himself blameless when he’s just not.”

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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