Tonі Kukoс Sһаres How Mісһаel Jordаn Reасted On Pһіl Jасkson’s Frenсһ Movіe: “Are We Tһe Ones In Tһe Mаdһouse?”

Toni Kukoc, reflecting on his time with the Chicago Bulls, shared insights into Phil Jackson’s unique coaching methods during a recent interview with Sport Klub. Among the anecdotes shared was Jackson’s use of movies to enhance the team’s concentration and motivation.

Toni Kukoc Says Michael Jordan And Phil Jackson Weren't Successful As  Hornets Owner And Knicks President - Fadeaway World

“We would start the game poorly. There would be several irrational, missed shots. He would call a timeout and ask, ‘Who among you hasn’t taken a shot yet?’ We would point to someone.” 

“‘Come on, you throw something pointless, it’s not obligatory to hit, and then let’s start playing the game.’ Or, when we were trailing by 24 points against Orlando at halftime, something like that.”

“He would enter the locker room, everyone with their heads down, and he would say, ‘We have them right where we want them!’ Now we’ll start playing, and it will be great.”

“To improve our concentration, he would mix some movies with sequences from matches to maintain our focus during those 45 minutes when we analyzed the games. Tell him ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,’ then ‘Pulp Fiction.'”

“We were playing against Seattle, leading 3-0, there’s a vulgar scene when they clean the car… Anyway, (the character in the movie) says it’s not time yet to shake hands and celebrate, the job isn’t finished. He was telling us that it’s not over yet, and in the end, we finished in Chicago, not in Seattle.’

“When we were winning the third ring, he played us some French movie – during World War II, everything emptied out, only they remained in the asylum or didn’t know… Then Michael said in a story: ‘Are we the ones who left the city or are we the ones in the asylum?'”

Toni Kukoc Finally Thanks Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen for Humiliating  Him Nearly 30 Years Ago -

Kukoc recalled instances where the team struggled early in games or faced significant deficits at halftime. In these moments, Jackson would employ unconventional tactics, such as urging players to take seemingly pointless shots or delivering motivational speeches that defied conventional wisdom.

One particular strategy involved Jackson integrating movie scenes into the team’s film analysis sessions to maintain focus and reinforce key messages. Kukoc recounted how Jackson would splice together footage from classic films like “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” and “Pulp Fiction” with game highlights to keep the team engaged during film study.

However, it was a French movie shown during their championship run that left a lasting impression on Kukoc and his teammates. Set during World War II, the film depicted a scenario where everything was emptied out except for individuals in an asylum who remained oblivious to the outside world.

In a memorable moment, Michael Jordan, the Bulls’ legendary leader, posed a thought-provoking question to his teammates after watching the film: “Are we the ones who left the city or are we the ones in the asylum?” Jordan’s query encapsulated the essence of Jackson’s coaching philosophy, challenging the team to reflect on their mindset and approach to adversity.

This anecdote illustrates the depth of Jackson’s impact on the Bulls’ dynasty, transcending traditional coaching methods to instill a winning mentality grounded in introspection and mental resilience. Through his innovative strategies and ability to connect with players on a profound level, Phil Jackson left an indelible mark on Kukoc and his teammates, contributing to their success on and off the court.


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