Where is Juan Dixon now? Robyn Dixon grilled by costars over ‘unsupportive husband’ skipping ‘RHOP’ Season 8 Reunion

Juan Dixon is not there for the Reunion, despite the fact that ‘RHOP’ Season 8 began with concerns about his alleged adultery

POTOMAC, MARYLAND: Throughout Season 8, the cast of ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ has been subjected to plenty of gossip and rumors. And now, claims that surfaced after the season finished are receiving attention and will be briefly addressed during Part 1 of the ‘RHOP’ Season 8 Reunion, which airs on Sunday, March 31.Robyn Dixon chatted with Andy Cohen about a quarter of the way into Sunday’s ‘RHOP’ episode, after reclining on the couches with the rest of the group to reflect on the season’s ups and downs. He asked if Juan Dixon would be joining her at the Reunion.

He had been absent from the Reunion for some years in a row now after news of infidelity swarmed the internet, so the ladies “had to” ask the tough questions.

In January, during a game of “We Juan-A Know!,” ‘Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen’ host Andy asked Robyn a series of questions regarding Juan. When asked if Juan has found another coaching position after being fired from Coppin State University in 2023, Robyn said her husband is currently concentrating on other things.

“No, he decided to spend the year off and [to] spend more time with the family, and with the kids,” she revealed.

On March 28, Bravo released a teaser for Part 1 of the Reunion, which will air on Sunday, March 31. Robyn confronts accusations that Juan has been unfaithful, while her fellow housewives watch avidly.

“Just to be clear you still stand by this fact that Juan never cheated on you with Canada girl, Coach Bri, or anyone else since you two had officially got back together?” asks Bravo boss Andy.

“I can’t say anything for certain as no one in this world can say anything for certain about what other people do,” reveals Robyn. “But based on what Juan shared and the “stuff that [I] kind of heard after the fact, I have many reasons to believe what my husband tells me.”

Andy then asked Robyn’s castmates who of them thought Juan had been faithful to her, and the women had different answers. Candiace Dillard Bassett adds, “No one,” and Mia Thornton nods in agreement.

However, Grand Dame Karen Huger responds more graciously.

“I don’t think it’s for us, Robyn believes it,” explains Karen. “That’s all that matters.”

Andy also asked Robyn if she believes Juan, who claims not to have watched the most recent season, was supportive of his wife filming it. Robyn confirms that “he showed up; he answered questions.”

To add salt to the pain, Andy pointed out that Juan missed the Reunion despite not being busy coaching a basketball game, as he had been before being sacked as Coppin State’s basketball coach.

“He declined to be here. “That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t support me,” Robyn asserts.

Andy Cohen and the other women wonder why Juan Dixon chose not to attend the 'RHOP' Season 8 Reunion in order to back Robyn Dixon (Bravotv)
Andy Cohen and the other women wonder why Juan Dixon chose not to attend the ‘RHOP’ Season 8 Reunion in order to back Robyn Dixon (Bravotv)

Wendy Osefo disappointed as Juan Dixon fails to stand behind ‘RHOP’ star Robyn Dixon

Wendy Osefo asks Robyn if Juan was aware that his wife would be “under fire” at the Reunion “because of his actions.” As Robyn attempts to dismiss the statement, Wendy reminds her costar that “at least he can do as your husband is to stand behind you and say, ‘Baby you don’t have to take all the bullets; I can take some too.'”

As Robyn expresses her satisfaction with her circumstances, Andy asks Ashley Darby, who was in a similar scenario when Michael Darby declined to attend Reunions prior to their separation. Ashey agrees that Michael “didn’t want to be under fire” and has “these questions and allegations” leveled against him.

However, Ashley quickly reminded everyone that “after he was caught unfaithful, he did come.”

“As he should.” Wendy feels this is what he should do.

Wendy Osefo grills Robyn Dixon over Juan Dixon's absence in 'RHOP' Season 8 Reunion (Bravotv)
Wendy Osefo grills Robyn Dixon over Juan Dixon’s absence in ‘RHOP’ Season 8 Reunion (Bravotv)

Is ‘RHOP’ husband Juan Dixon coaching again?

Juan still has links to the basketball court. “He’s volunteering with my son’s high school team,” Robyn said, adding that Juan enjoys spending so much time with their boys, Corey and Carter. “He appreciates it now.”

“I’m sure the boys appreciate it, too,” Andy remarked, to which Robyn replied, “They do. “We all do.”

'RHOP's Juan Dixon isn't coaching anymore (GettyImages/RichSchultz)
‘RHOP’s Juan Dixon isn’t coaching anymore (GettyImages/RichSchultz)

Why was ‘RHOP’ husband Juan Dixon fired?

Coppin State parted ways with former head coach Juan Dixon, PEOPLE verified. Juan was head coach of the Coppin State Eagles for six seasons.

Prior to joining the school, he spent eight seasons in the NBA with four different organizations. According to various sources, tensions between Juan and Coppin State boiled over during his final season as a coach when a player accused a member of his staff of inappropriate behavior with another player.

According to The Baltimore Sun, Lucian Brownlee, Juan’s assistant coach, has been accused of sexual assault and blackmailing a former player into giving nude images of himself. A lawsuit was filed, and Lucian was removed from the team’s online staff list.

Juan’s squad concluded the 2022–23 season with a poor nine wins and 23 losses.

Before losing his job, 'RHOP's Juan Dixon led the Coppin State Eagles for six seasons as head coach (GettyImages/MitchellLayton)
Before losing his job, ‘RHOP’s Juan Dixon led the Coppin State Eagles for six seasons as head coach (GettyImages/MitchellLayton)

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