Wһo іs Corn from Twіtter? Boxer compаres һіmself to Muһаmmаd Alі, Mіke Tyson аnd Floyd Mаyweаtһer аfter Mіsfіts 8 wіn

After a remarkable victory at Misfits 8, the rising Twitter star, Corn, made a bold comparison to some of boxing’s all-time greats.

In a triumphant post-fight tweet, he proudly proclaimed:

“Our grandparents had Muhammad Ali Our parents had Mike Tyson Our siblings had Floyd Mayweather Y’all got ME.”
Corn, known for his popularity on Twitter, recently ventured into the world of influencer boxing. His latest fight took place on Misfits Boxing’s show in Nashville. It was a rematch of his previous clash with Unbaer two months ago, where Unbaer emerged victorious via a controversial split decision.

The first encounter between Corn and Unbaer left fans hungry for more, and the demand for a rematch was undeniable. Finally, the rematch was scheduled for July 22, giving both fighters ample time to train and prepare.

This time around, Corn came into the ring with vengeance, determined to settle the score. From the opening bell, he unleashed a relentless onslaught, making it clear that this fight wouldn’t be as easy for Unbaer as the first one.

As the match progressed, his performance only intensified. By the third and fourth rounds, he was in full control, dominating his opponent with skillful precision. With just over a minute left in the final round, Corn cornered Unbaer against the ropes and unleashed a barrage of powerful punches.

The referee had no choice but to call off the fight, awarding the Twitter star the victory via TKO. This victory has set the stage for a potential third bout between the two fighters.


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