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Why RHOA Fans Don’t Think Porsha Williams & Simon Guobadia Will Last

Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia recently got married, but RHOA fans aren’t convinced that Porsha and Simon’s union will stand the test of time.

RHOA's Porsha Williams & Simon Guobadia

Porsha Williams from The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a wife again after she married Simon Guobadia on November 25, but fans of the popular Real Housewives series aren’t convinced that Porsha and Simon will actually live happily ever after. Porsha, who relinquished her peach after RHOA season 13, was first introduced to Bravo viewers when she was cast on RHOA season 5 alongside Kenya Moore. Since Porsha’s debut on RHOA, she has become known not just for her activism, but also her dramatic personal life on- and off-camera.

While Porsha hasn’t had the most success when it comes to romantic prospects, her relationship with Simon quickly developed when they met, which was documented on the spin-off Porsha’s Family Matters. A year and a half after they confirmed their engagement in May 2021, 41-year-old Porsha and Simon, who is 57, tied the knot surrounded by RHOA alumni like NeNe Leakes with two lavish ceremonies: a traditional Nigerian union, and an American-style wedding. While pictures shared by People showcase the couple’s fairytale event, many RHOA fans have discussed their doubts that Porsha and Simon’s marriage remain smooth in a Reddit thread by u/NoEmotion4496.

RHOA Fans Aren’t Sure About Porsha & Simon’s Backstory

Although Porsha has since claimed otherwise, Simon’s ex-wife Falynn Pina, who was then known as Falynn Guobadia, briefly appeared on RHOA season 13 as Porsha’s friend. Although Porsha initially said that she met Simon and Falynn when she was invited to their house on RHOA, she later revealed that she actually met the then-married couple at a restaurant in mid-2020. While Falynn isn’t completely innocent and was accused of infidelity when Simon filed for divorce in early 2021, RHOA fans haven’t forgotten how quickly Porsha set her sights on Simon. “Isn’t this the man who [Porsha] stole from her friend? Girl has no shame,” one Reddit user wrote, while several others praised Porsha’s beauty but called her relationship with Simon, “cringey.”

RHOA Fans Brought Up Porsha & Simon’s Track Records

While Porsha and Simon have appeared to enjoy a smooth relationship over the past two years, RHOA fans who are aware of how their former relationships failed think that the couple might end up in future trouble. Before Porsha met Simon, she was married to NFL player Kordell Stewart from 2011 to 2013. Porsha was later engaged to Dennis McKinley, but Porsha and Dennis dramatically split eight months later in late 2020. As for Simon, he and Falynn, who got engaged last October, married in 2019; before that, Simon was married three times and has five children from previous relationships. “Stop trying to make Simon happen, Porsha,” one person commented, while others expressed hope that Porsha’s new marriage would work for the sake of her daughter, Pilar.

It’s no secret that some of Bravo’s top housewives like Kandi Burruss are paid up to six figures per season, and since Porsha starred on RHOA for years, her net worth undoubtedly lets her afford the finer things in life. While RHOA fans have complimented Porsha’s stunning gowns, however, they think that the more money is spent by Simon and Porsha, the more they’re trying to overcompensate for their actual relationship. “A truly incredible set up for a couple who will be divorced in 3 years,” one RHOA fan wrote about Porsha and Simon’s over-the-top wedding, while several others contemplated that their union was only considered “exclusive,” because of the funds that went into it. Despite the mixed reactions to Porsha and Simon’s wedding, however, several fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta still hope that Porsha’s second shot at marriage will end better than the first.

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