Why The Bachelor Season 28’s Joey Graziadei Shouldn’t Choose Daisy Kent

The Bachelor season 28’s Joey Graziadei has now had his three overnight Fantasy Suite dates with Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel Nance, and it’s becoming more clear that Joey shouldn’t choose Daisy. Joey, a 28-year-old tennis pro from Collegeville, Pennsylvania, had an instant connection with Daisy, a 25-year-old account executive from Becker, Minnesota. On the first one-on-one date of the season, Daisy opened up to Joey about how she recently got a cochlear implant because she has hearing loss due to contracting Lyme disease.

Throughout The Bachelor season 28, Daisy has been one of the front-runners to win Joey’s heart, but there’s been something missing. She’s a wonderful person, but they don’t always seem in sync. After their two romantic one-on-one dates, a successful hometown date, and a beautiful Fantasy Suite overnight date, Daisy and Joey have grown closer than ever, but there are some reasons why she doesn’t seem to be the one for him.

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The Bachelor’s Daisy Kent Has Expressed Doubts About Joey Graziadei

It’s Not A Good Sign

Although Joey and Daisy told each other that they were falling in love with each other, Daisy originally said that she wasn’t there yet before her hometown date. She needed Joey to meet her family before she could fully allow herself to fall for him. Although this makes logical sense, it seems odd that Daisy could stop herself from feeling love or turn off feelings of love so easily. If she were really the one for Joey, she would’ve felt that she was falling in love and nothing would’ve stopped it.

The Bachelor requires contestants to take a leap of faith, and some people simply aren’t as able to do that. Many times in past seasons, if contestants have expressed any sort of doubt in the beginning, then they didn’t make it to the end. Although Joey and Daisy seem to have gotten past Daisy’s initial concerns and have expressed that they’re falling in love with each other, those doubts could creep back into Daisy’s mind.

Daisy Doesn’t Seem Fully Ready For An Engagement

Something Is Holding Her Back

Montage of The Bachelor Season 28's Daisy Kent
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Because Daisy expressed doubts about Joey early on, she doesn’t seem to be ready to get engaged. Instead of allowing herself to fall in love, it was almost as though she had to convince herself to do it. Because Joey is her first relationship after her cochlear implant, there might be some issues that she has to work through.

It seems hasty for Daisy to get engaged to the first guy she’s dated after going through such a harrowing experience. At 25 years old, she’s still so young. Perhaps Daisy should’ve taken time to explore her options in her real life before entering the fantasy world of The Bachelor. However, it’s also possible that Daisy and Joey will have a happy life together. Hopefully, this is something that they discussed in depth during their Fantasy Suite overnight date.

Daisy Kent from The Bachelor Season 28

The Bachelor season 28 leading man Joey Graziadei is building a strong connection with Daisy Kent. Will they get engaged during the season finale?

Daisy Needs More Time To Grow

She Has Achievements She Wants To Make

Daisy has been through so much in her life, and it had only been about year since she received her cochlear implant when she joined The Bachelor. On their first one-on-one date, she opened up to Joey about her health journey, telling him that when she was 11, she started to have stroke-like seizures. When she was 17, when her dad woke her up, she realized that she couldn’t hear well. As Daisy’s hearing worsened, her health declined even further, and eventually, she couldn’t even walk a block.

Daisy was eventually diagnosed with Lyme disease, and flew to Germany for treatment. The treatment was difficult, and she lost her hair and 15 pounds. However, Daisy concluded by saying that she is now “super healthy.” Now that Daisy has gotten her health back, she can reclaim her life and do anything she wants with it.

Although an engagement wouldn’t stop her from doing that, it would certainly shift her focus from herself to someone else.

Daisy hadn’t dated since she got her cochlear implant, so Joey is her first boyfriend since receiving it. Perhaps Daisy should take some time for herself before jumping into an engagement. On their first one-on-one date, Daisy told Joey about her nonprofit, Hear Your Heart, an organization she created in 2021 to help support children who have autoimmune disorders or hearing loss, which she’s very focused on.

Although it wasn’t mentioned on the show, in an Instagram post, Daisy shared that she also wrote a children’s book called Daisy Doo: All the Sounds She Knew. The book’s blurb revealed that the story is about a child named Daisy Doo, who discovers the beauty of her favorite sounds again, thanks to a cochlear implant. Daisy has a lot of big dreams that she wants to fulfill now that she’s healthy again. She should be able to do this without the pressures of a very public engagement.

Rather than focus on getting engaged, Daisy should use this time to spread her wings and fly. Her health issues took a lot of time from her, and now is the moment when she should focus on herself. Although this isn’t a reason for Joey to reject Daisy, it would make sense for Daisy to wait before getting engaged. However, Joey’s timeline of wanting a two- to three-year engagement could slow down the process for them, and allow Daisy to explore life again both as an individual and as half of a couple. Maybe they could make it work.

Kelsey Anderson The Bachelor Season 28

The Bachelor season 28 contestant Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei have been building their connection. Will he propose to her in the end?

Joey Seems To Have A Stronger Connection With Kelsey Anderson

Daisy May Not Be The Right Match

The Bachelor's Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson Sitting Together

Although Daisy and Joey are very cute together, his Fantasy Suite date with Kelsey seemed much more real. Their breakfast together the next morning looked like it could’ve been a scene out of their everyday life, which is something that the show hasn’t depicted for Joey and Daisy. They’re still in the fantasy environment of The Bachelor, which might not translate to the post-show world. However, Joey and Kelsey seem to be there already.

Although Daisy is a lovely woman with a big heart, there are some reasons that she isn’t the right person for Joey. She doesn’t seem fully ready to get engaged on The Bachelor, and she hasn’t been completely sure about Joey since the beginning of the process. Daisy probably needs some time to find out who she is after everything she’s been through. Another woman such as Kelsey might be better suited for Joey. If Joey doesn’t choose Daisy, hopefully she’ll find the love that she’s looking for in the near future.

The Bachelor season 28 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Sources: Hear Your Heart, Daisy Kent/Instagram

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