“You Could Be tһe Bіggest Rаcіst on tһe Plаnet” – Dаnа Wһіte’s Trutһ on Muһаmmаd Alі Speаks Volumes - Apkcombat

“You Could Be tһe Bіggest Rаcіst on tһe Plаnet” – Dаnа Wһіte’s Trutһ on Muһаmmаd Alі Speаks Volumes

Muhammad Ali is considered as the greatest boxer of all time. And without a doubt, his resume speaks volumes. But the one thing that sets him apart from the rest is how much he impacted the world outside of boxing. The UFC CEO, Dana White seems to understand that fact better than most.

During an appearance, at the Lex Fridman podcast, the 54-year-old explained his admiration for the Late. Great Muhammad Ali. Here is what the UFC CEO told the podcast host.

Dana White lays out his admiration of Muhammad Ali

At the start of the podcast, Dana White explained his love for the sport of boxing. This would go on to the 54-year-old revealing his favorite boxer, saying it was Muhammad Ali. However, his praise wouldn’t end there as he would go on to state that he was not of the greatest boxer, but also the greatest human Being of all time.

White would go on to state, “It’s easy as a fight fan to focus on him as a fighter, but when you focus on him as a human. And you think about what he meant at that time and place, the things he said. the poems he came up with, you know, just the overall brilliance of Muhammad Ali. The guts, the guts to have the strength, mentally, physically, and emotionally to go against the grain… It was a very dangerous time for him to be who he was. Yet because of how smart he was and because of his personality, and how if you sat down with them, you could be the biggest racist on the planet. It’s hard to get in the room with Ali and then not like Ali.”

He went on to say that Ali might’ve been one of the most impactful and powerful humans who just happened to be a great boxer. One other boxer who has a lot of love from the UFC CEO is Mike Tyson. But he doesn’t seem thrilled about Tyson’s upcoming bout against Jake Paul.

Dana White raises concern for Mike Tyson’s matchup against Jake Paul

During the post-fight press conference of UFC 299, Dana White explained his annoyance with the matchup between Mike Tyson and Jake Paul. White talked about the age difference being a factor that he disapproved of.

During the press conference, White stated, “I love Mike Tyson personally as a friend and he’s one of my favorite athletes of all time… Let’s see what he can [do], go in there, put together a training camp, and come in… I don’t like seeing guys [at his age] fighting it,”


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