Justіn Tһomаs һelped Mіcһаel Jordаn һustle аn NBA golf opponent аs а teenаger - Apkcombat

Justіn Tһomаs һelped Mіcһаel Jordаn һustle аn NBA golf opponent аs а teenаger

Michael Jordan has two major loves in his life: basketball and golf. Basketball helped him create an everlasting legacy, while golf was a challenge he wanted to conquer competitively and mentally.

There’s a third love that Jordan won’t go on record admitting, but the Chicago Bulls legend has been a big gambler throughout his life. So it’s no surprise that he combines gambling with golf whenever he gets a chance.

Michael Jordan helped Justin Thomas pay for first car

While appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, PGA Tour golfer Justin Thomas told a funny story about how he helped Jordan win some money together.

He had a friend who he played in the NBA with, Junior Bridgeman, who was friends with my Dad… [Jordan says] to me, ‘Little man, go get your clubs you’re going to play the last seven holes with us’. He knew that I played golf, he didn’t know that I was decent, and nobody else had any idea. I didn’t know the amount [we were playing for].

Thomas says he won “probably three or four grand”, which he used to help pay for his first car. Thomas was around 15 years old at the time.

Thomas claims he sunk four birdies in the seven holes he played. Anyone would feel pressure in that circumstance, but there’s a reason Thomas has gotten to where he is in the pro golf scene.


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