Mісһаel Jordаn аnd Wіfe Yvette Prіeto Close $16.5 Mіllіon Wortһ Deаl on Luxury Asset, аs Per Reрorts - Apkcombat

Mісһаel Jordаn аnd Wіfe Yvette Prіeto Close $16.5 Mіllіon Wortһ Deаl on Luxury Asset, аs Per Reрorts

A massive real estate portfolio and a house on the market for years will not stop Michael Jordan from splurging on some extra square feet. According to some reports, His Airness has dropped some major millions on a new property in the same Florida neighborhood he currently resides in. He and his wife, Yvette Prietto, reside in Jack Nicklaus’ exclusive Bear’s Club community. He now may have one more property in this neighborhood for the ultra-rich and famous.

A company, Bull & Bear LLC, tied to Michael and Yvette Jordan, reportedly paid $16.5 million for a new property in the Bear’s Club with a 9,100-square-foot home. The billionaire couple have been residents of the community since 2013. It took 18 months to complete the construction of a $12.8 million residence on three parcels of land spanning 28,000 sq ft.

The previous owners of the $16.5 million property had businesses that worked with athletes. They sold the property to Bull & Bear LLC, a company through which the Jordans have signed construction orders in the past. Features of this property though have not been made public.

However, Jordan’s residence at 172 Bears Club Drive is already famous. Contrary to popular assumption, it’s not the house featured in The Last Dance. Jordan wanted to keep the inside of his sanctuary private. But its best features are well known in the media.

The perks of living like Michael Jordan

To become a resident of Bear’s Club and avail its super luxurious amenities, you need to pay a reported $350,000 initiation fee and $25,000 annual dues. A small price for a heavily guarded and gated community to ensure privacy. Shortly after his marriage to Yvette Prietto, he began construction of their new home in Jupiter, Florida in 2010. It was completed in 2012.

A specially designed course caters to his love for golf. His home also has 11 bedrooms, a pool house, a basketball court, a media room, and a cigar room. He listed his famous mansion in Chicago with the #23 gates for sale since 2012 but hasn’t been able to find a buyer for it. He also owns a mansion in North Carolina. But by all accounts, the Jupiter residence with famous neighbors like Tiger Woods remains his primary residence.


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